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Manchester United vs Leeds United Preview

Football  •  13 Jul, 2023  •  1,408 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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The world of football witnessed an exciting preseason opener as Manchester United triumphed over Leeds United in a 2-0 victory. Under the guidance of Erik ten Hag, the Red Devils made an impressive start in Oslo, Norway. The match was a melting pot of several moments, from the debut of new signing Mason Mount to strong performances by emerging stars.


In an encounter against Championship opponents, goals from Noam Emeran and Joe Hugill sealed United’s win. The match also marked the return of Lisandro Martinez, displaying a solid defence alongside captain Raphael Varane. Here are the six main points derived from this experience.

Mason Mount's Impressive Debut

Image Credits: Sky Sports

Mount, who joined United a week prior from Chelsea for a hefty £55 million ($70m), posed a significant threat against Leeds. He showcased his attacking prowess before the half-time lineup changes. Despite his limited game time since February due to a pelvic injury, Mount’s performance in the first 45 minutes sparked excitement among United fans. His tactical acumen and active participation in fluid attacks signalled that Ten Hag’s investment could pay off if Mount remains fit.



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Emeran and Hugill: The Young Duo’s Influence

Image Credits: The Sun

Emeran, a young French international, and Hugill played a crucial role in United's win. Emeran scored the first goal 67 minutes into the game and later set up Hugill for a decisive first-time strike, highlighting their synchronisation on the field. Their performances suggest a promising future for United, as they seem capable of stepping up when needed.

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