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Inter Miami 1-1 Newell's: Messi's Highlight Match

Football  •  16 Feb, 2024  •  60,902 Views  •  ⭐ 2.5

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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In a memorable evening that transcended the conventional boundaries of a preseason fixture, Inter Miami and Newell's Old Boys faced off in a friendly match that was anything but ordinary. This encounter was marked by the emotional return of Lionel Messi, who faced the club where his illustrious football journey began. Held in a draw of 1-1, the match was a testament to the Argentine superstar's enduring legacy and the profound connection he maintains with Newell's Old Boys. Beyond the competition, this game served as a poignant reminder of Messi's roots and offered fans a unique blend of nostalgia, top-tier football, and a celebration of a global icon's career that spans continents but is anchored in the heart of Rosario.


Messi's Homecoming

Lionel Messi scores twice in first Inter Miami start
Image Credits: Montana Standard

The spotlight naturally gravitated towards Lionel Messi, as he donned the Inter Miami jersey to play against Newell's Old Boys. The significance of this match for Messi, who first joined Newell's as a six-year-old, was palpable. Despite his participation being limited to 60 minutes and missing out on scoring from a couple of significant chances, Messi's presence on the pitch was a spectacle in itself, offering more than just football.

The Tale of the Match

MATCH RECAP: Inter Miami CF Concludes 2024 Preseason With 1-1 Draw Against  Newell's Old Boys | Inter Miami CF
Image Credits: Inter Miami CF 

From the kickoff, the match unfolded as a narrative of opportunities sought and squandered, with both teams showcasing moments of brilliance. Inter Miami, under the watchful eyes of their star-studded lineup, initially dominated, thanks in part to Shanyder Borgelin's impactful substitution. However, their control was challenged by defensive lapses that eventually led to Newell's clinching an equalizer, turning the match into a narrative of resilience and tactical battles.



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Gearing Up for the Season Ahead

Messi, Inter Miami end preseason with 1-1 tie vs. his childhood club  Newell's Old Boys
Image Credits: Yahoo News

As the final whistle blew, the focus for Inter Miami swiftly transitioned towards preparation for their MLS season opener against Real Salt Lake. The friendly against Newell's served as a critical juncture for assessing the squad's readiness, particularly emphasizing the fitness and form of its veteran players.

In-depth Match Breakdown

Lionel Messi to play old club Newell's Old Boys in preseason game for Inter  Miami - Sportstar
Image Credits: Sportstar - The Hindu

First Half

The initial 45 minutes were a showcase of strategic manoeuvring and missed opportunities. Inter Miami, asserting their presence, created numerous chances, notably a well-orchestrated corner kick involving Messi that almost broke the deadlock. Despite their offensive efforts, the half concluded without any goals, setting the stage for a compelling second half.


Second Half
The narrative took a turn when Borgelin, capitalizing on a corner kick, propelled Inter Miami ahead with a decisive header. This moment of triumph was short-lived as defensive vulnerabilities allowed Newell's Old Boys to draw level, courtesy of a critical error in the midfield, highlighting the unpredictable nature of football.

Spotlight on Players and Tactical Shifts

Messi and Inter Miami close messy preseason with 1-1 draw against Newell's  Old Boys
Image Credits: Sun Sentinel 

The match saw a series of strategic substitutions, with Inter Miami introducing fresh legs in the form of Borgelin, Sunderland, and Campana, each contributing to the game's dynamics. Notably, Messi's presence was a focal point, but other players, including Borgelin with his goal and Callender with crucial saves, also left their mark on the game.


Reflections: Beyond the Scoreline

Lionel Messi Scores Twice for Inter Miami in Win Over Orlando - The New  York Times
Image Credits: The New York Times

This encounter between Inter Miami and Newell's Old Boys transcended the conventional objectives of a preseason friendly. It was a celebration of Messi's legacy, a nod to his beginnings at Newell's, and a display of football's power to evoke nostalgia and stir emotions.


The friendly between Inter Miami and Newell's Old Boys was more than a mere display of football; it was a narrative rich in emotion, history, and the undying spirit of the sport. As Messi graced the pitch against his boyhood club, the match encapsulated moments of joy, missed opportunities, and the mutual respect between a global icon and the place where it all started. Looking ahead, this encounter sets a promising tone for Inter Miami's season, highlighting not only their on-field potential but also the inspirational role Messi plays within the team and the wider football community. As fans and players alike reflect on this memorable night, the anticipation for what lies ahead in the MLS season reaches new heights, promising excitement, challenges, and the continuation of a legacy that Messi has woven into the fabric of football.

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