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East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan Durand Cup Final 2023 Highlights

Football  •  4 Sept, 2023  •  2,189 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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At the majestic Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata, the Durand Cup 2023 unfurled an epic duel between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan Super Giant (MBSG). Amidst pulsating moments and roaring crowds, it was MBSG that rose to the occasion, sealing their victory with a singular goal. This triumph wasn't just another win — it marked a monumental 17th title in the Durand Cup's storied legacy.


Dimitri Petratos' Masterstroke

Image Credits: Indian Super League

Mohun Bagan's Australian forward, Dimitri Petratos, was the standout player, netting the only goal of the match in the 71st minute. His exceptional left-footed shot from outside the box sealed the fate of the Mariners, ensuring their dominance despite several adversities. Before this, he had an opportunity in the first half, but his powerful shot flew over East Bengal's goalkeeper. Nevertheless, his determination shone throughout.

An Unexpected Turn

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

MBSG's Anirudh Thapa was shown the red card in the 62nd minute, leaving Mohun Bagan a man down. Whilst many expected East Bengal to capitalise on the numerical advantage, it was MBSG that turned up the heat, demonstrating resilience and tactical prowess. Even with ten players, Mohun Bagan consistently threatened the opposition and remained unyielding in their approach.



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The Tug of War

Image Credits: Sportstar

In the early moments, MBSG dominated ball possession, but East Bengal soon found its rhythm. Mohammad Rakip and Borja Herrera's combined efforts to mount an attack were commendable, but sadly, the volley missed its mark. East Bengal's continuous efforts to breach the MBSG defence showcased their determination, but luck wasn't on their side that evening.

Yellow Card Galore

Image Credits: India Today

The first half saw Mohun Bagan receive three yellow cards, which hinted at a challenging journey ahead. Yet, the reigning Indian Super League champions remained unperturbed, concluding the half in a stalemate. Despite these early setbacks, MBSG exhibited discipline and focus, ensuring they stayed competitive throughout the match.

Missed Opportunities for East Bengal

Image Credits: Mint

Despite having six shots on target and 10 minutes of added time in the second half, East Bengal couldn't find the net. Their inability to convert chances, coupled with Mohun Bagan's solid defence, led to their downfall. Earlier, in the Durand Cup 2023 group stages, East Bengal had defeated Mohun Bagan 1-0, making this final's defeat all the more poignant.



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East Bengal's Prior Triumph

Image Credits: Adda247

East Bengal had showcased their prowess during the Durand Cup 2023 group stages, clinching a 1-0 victory over Mohun Bagan. This prior win heightened expectations for the final. Their supporters had hoped for a repeat performance, considering their earlier triumph. However, despite numerous attempts and additional extra time, they couldn't mirror their group stage success.

Defensive Mastery of Mohun Bagan

Image Credits: The Indian Express

Mohun Bagan's defence was formidable throughout the match, successfully thwarting East Bengal's advances. Even under the pressure of a reduced squad following Thapa's red card, their backline remained unbroken. Their ability to maintain composure, particularly after three yellow cards in the first half, underscores their disciplined approach and dedication to the game.


In a display of unparalleled determination and skill, Mohun Bagan Super Giant (MBSG) showcased their mettle by clinching their 17th Durand Cup title against fierce rivals East Bengal. Despite the challenges and adversities faced, MBSG's resilience shone brightly, turning potential setbacks into moments of triumph. As the echoes of celebration resound from the Salt Lake Stadium, the 2023 Durand Cup finale will long stand as a testament to footballing spirit and legacy.


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