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Argentina vs. Ecuador Highlights

Football  •  8 Sept, 2023  •  3,360 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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In the world of football, few moments are as electrifying as when Lionel Messi has the ball at his feet. On September 7, the maestro did not disappoint, orchestrating a thrilling 1-0 win for Argentina against a resilient Ecuador in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.


Setting the Scene in Buenos Aires

Argentina vs. Ecuador, resultado, resumen y goles: triunfo de la Scaloneta  con un golazo de Messi en las Eliminatorias al Mundial 2026 | Sporting News
Image Credits: Sporting News

On a chilly evening in Buenos Aires, Estadio Más Monumental was alive with anticipation. Every eye was fixed on Messi, the nation's hero, who was playing his first international match since the monumental 2022 World Cup final. The stakes were high, and as history has shown, such moments are tailor-made for Messi.

Revisiting the Glorious Past

Lionel Messi's World Cup win with Argentina confirms his status as the  greatest player of all time | Football News | Sky Sports
Image Credits: Sky Sports

The echoes of Argentina's recent World Cup victory, just nine months prior, reverberated across the stadium. In one of the most adrenaline-charged finals in recent memory, Argentina had risen as world champions. Now, the quest for a spot in the 2026 World Cup in the USA began, and expectations were soaring.



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Messi's New Adventure in MLS

Lionel Messi's new boots as Adidas launch range ahead of Inter Miami vs New  York Red Bulls in MLS - Manchester Evening News
Image Credits: Manchester Evening News

Transitioning from European football to MLS can be challenging, but not for Messi. At Inter Miami, he's been nothing short of sensational. Despite the change in scenery and opposition, Messi's unparalleled skills have shone bright, making him a crucial player in both the club and international arenas.

Reliving the Match Drama

Argentina vs Ecuador score, result, highlights as Lionel Messi delivers  again to begin World Cup qualifying | Sporting News
Image Credits: Sporting News

From the onset, it was evident that Ecuador had one primary strategy – to defensively stonewall Argentina. Their defenders, with a gladiatorial spirit, threw themselves at every ball, denying Argentina's attackers clear sights at goal. Among the few that came close, Lautaro Martinez's strike that hit the post in the first half stands out.

But as the clock ticked, Messi began weaving his magic. His initial effort in the 69th minute was thwarted by Galindez. Yet, true to his style, he persisted. The decisive moment came when Martinez was fouled just outside the penalty area, setting the stage for Messi's signature move. With the precision only he can deliver, Messi curled the ball into the net, sending fans into euphoric celebrations.



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Watch the Goal here:

The Digital Echo

The aftermath of the match was explosive online. Twitter was inundated with praises, GIFs, memes, and tributes to Messi's genius. From casual fans to football pundits, Twitter was unanimous in its verdict – Messi remains the king of clutch moments.

Catch some famous fan comments here:



Lionel Messi continues to solidify his position as one of football's greatest, if not the greatest. His latest masterclass against Ecuador reaffirms his pivotal role in Argentina's football narrative. As the journey to the 2026 World Cup unfolds, one thing is certain: with Messi leading the charge, Argentina's dreams are in the safest of feet.

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