Find out what’s trending in the world of memes in 2021?
3 May, 2022

The world of internet is full of creative people who can turn anything into a funny meme and can make it viral. Here are some of the memes that got trending in the last few months. Here are some of the most popular memes that trended in 2021.

‘Pawri’ girl -

You must be living under a rock or something if you haven’t heard about the Pawri Girl. Internet or no internet, almost everyone knows her. The girl in the video is a famous Pakistani influencer and content creator Dananeer. According to her it was supposed to be a very random video where she wanted to capture the fun moment she was sharing with her friends. But the internet had other plans for her…

Heavy driver -

This is a 19-second video where someone is trying to shoot their own version of fast and furious and smoothly parking their SUV in a ditch. What is even more interesting and funny in this video than the stunt, is the commentary of the person recording the video and awarding the title of Heavy Driver to the person. This audio got trended and was been used by other meme creators in their own versions.

US vs India -

The meme which comes in a text-tweet format is a division by countries, India vs the USA. It's represented by flags, with the USA flag first stating a normal scenario, and then an Indian flag explaining how different the same scenario in a desi country would look like. People on the internet poured their creativity and came up with some great versions of it.

Vibing cat meme -

If you have been following the latest trending videos that went viral this year, the popular “vibing cat” meme where visually impaired Turkish musician Bilal Göregen is seen playing darbuka on a bench while an animated cat nods its head to the music is sure to have caught your attention. Later the musicians came up with other tracks covers for his fans in India.

Exam postponed memes -

The decision of canceling of class 10th exams and postponing of class 12th exam of the CBSE Board was announced by the central government due to the current situation of COVID 19 in India. This brought a sense of relief to the students but it rained memes on all social media channels. People are coming up with their own ideas for memes.