PM Modi's US Visit: Strengthening Indo-US Ties

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Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit to the United States marked a significant milestone in the Indo-US relationship. The visit was characterized by high-profile meetings with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and executives from top technology companies. The trip had significant implications for India's diplomatic, economic, and technological ambitions. Below are some key takeaways from PM Modi's US visit.


Strengthening Economic Ties

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Image Credits: Outlook India

The economic relationship between the US and India has seen a significant uptick over the past decade, and this visit further affirmed that trend. Biden and Modi met with CEOs from prominent companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and many others. The meeting was a testament to the increasing collaboration between American and Indian technology firms. The presence of both startup leaders and CEOs from established corporations indicated the broad scope of this cooperation. Such a mix of participants signifies a shared vision of creating a new world through technological innovation​​.

Geopolitical Implications

Top American lawmakers welcome PM Modi to the US ahead of his visit | Zee  Business
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The US, recognizing India's significance as the world's most populous country and its fifth-largest economy, has been trying to forge stronger ties. The geopolitical rivalry with China loomed large during Modi's visit. However, both leaders maintained a diplomatic balance in their public statements about China. Instead, they underscored their commitment to maintaining peace and stability in the region. This was clear in the joint statement that included a specific reference to the territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas. The US also announced investments aimed at boosting semiconductor manufacturing in India, which could help reduce India's dependence on China for electronics​.



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Shared Cultural Ties and Human Rights Concerns

PM Modi US visit schedule: Dates, itinerary, scheduled events and agendary  | Mint
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PM Modi's meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris underscored the shared cultural ties between the two nations. In a toast, Harris spoke of her Indian-born mother and the millions of Indian students who have come to the US to collaborate with American researchers. Modi also addressed the Indian diaspora, receiving enthusiastic support despite protests regarding allegations of human rights abuses in India. When asked about the rights of minorities, especially Muslims, Modi insisted that his government does not tolerate discrimination​.

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