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10 Facts about World's Famous Hacker Kevin Mitnick

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Written by Anand Swami

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On July 16th, 2023, Kevin Mitnick, the face of hacking in the mid-1990s, passed away at 59. Often depicted as an obsessive, clever, and mischievous hacker, he later transformed his image, becoming a trusted authority in the realm of cybersecurity. This blog honours Mitnick, charting his transformation from a famed hacker to a respected security advisor.


Dawn of a Hacking Era

Image Credits: Mitnick Security

During the infancy of widespread internet use, Mitnick became synonymous with computer hacking. He was a fugitive for over two years, eluding authorities after accessing 20,000 credit card numbers and causing significant damage to corporate computer infrastructures.

Mitnick's Motives: A Game of Chess

Image Credits: New York Times

Although accused of causing millions in damages, Mitnick never sought financial gain from his cyber-exploits. He likened his actions to a chess game, emphasizing the thrill of the challenge over material rewards.



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Evasion Tactics: Cat and Mouse with the F.B.I.

Image Credits: Instafever

Mitnick's skillset wasn't limited to computers. He showcased a masterful understanding of telecommunications, manipulating phone systems to wiretap FBI agents on his trail and often staying one step ahead. His audacity peaked when he left a box of doughnuts for authorities as they closed in on a supposed location.

The Duel on the Net

Image Credits: The Daily Beast

A game-changing moment occurred on Christmas Day in 1994 when Mitnick taunted fellow hacker, Tsutomu Shimomura, by stealing his emails. This instigated a digital duel, leading to Shimomura's instrumental role in Mitnick's eventual capture.

Early Intrigues: Hacks and Pranks

Image Credits: Kompas

From tweaking telephone switches and circuits during high school to programming phones with mischievous commands, Mitnick's early inclinations toward hacking were evident. His keen sense of curiosity and knack for trespassing digital domains set the stage for his later escapades.



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Personal Struggles and Redemption

Image Credits: Youtube

Behind the screens, Mitnick faced personal challenges. His early marital life ended in divorce, but love blossomed again when he met Kimberly Barry. Their union, marked by the shadows of his cancer diagnosis, paints a portrait of a man who sought and found personal redemption amidst professional turmoil.

Legal Tangles and Plea Agreements

Image Credits: HackRead

Mitnick's cyber activities caught up with him, and he faced charges of computer and wire fraud. His incarceration lasted five years, during which The New York Times website was even briefly commandeered by his supporters.

A Second Chance: From Hacking to Consulting

Image Credits: NBC News

Upon release, Mitnick was quick to defend his actions, citing curiosity as the driving force behind his hacks. He soon found redemption, using his unique expertise to advise on cybersecurity, even consulting for a college he had previously targeted.


The Legacy of "Hire the Hacker"

Image Credits: Al Dia News

Mitnick's transformative journey culminated with his role at KnowBe4, a leading provider of security awareness training. His cybersecurity curriculum is now utilized by over 60,000 organizations globally, underscoring his transition from a notorious hacker to a respected internet security expert.

Mitnick's Influence on Modern Cybersecurity

Image Credits: ET Telecom

The trajectory of Mitnick's life — from the hacker to consultant — signifies the shifting perceptions of hackers in the digital era. His unique position has paved the way for many in the grey-hat community to come forth and collaborate in enhancing cybersecurity.


Kevin Mitnick's life is a testament to change, redemption, and the endless possibilities that come with second chances. Once labelled the "nation's most wanted computer outlaw", he left behind a legacy as an internet security authority. His story will continue to inspire and educate generations, reminding us of the fine line between curiosity and crime, and the potential for reinvention.


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