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Lewis Hamilton: 7-Time F1 World Champion

F1  •  7 Sept, 2023  •  46,159 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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When one talks about the titans of Formula 1 racing, Lewis Hamilton's name undoubtedly stands tall among the greats. From his electrifying rookie debut to holding seven World Drivers' Championship titles, Hamilton has set and broken records, changed the face of racing, and inspired countless fans around the globe. Let's delve into his illustrious journey, championship by championship. Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton's foray into racing began as a mere 8-year-old kart racer. The world watched in awe as this young Brit quickly climbed the ranks, soon making his mark in the prestigious world of Formula 1 racing.


2008: The First Taste of Victory

F1 Gold | Revisiting the 2008 British GP when Lewis Hamilton won by a  massive 68 seconds | Life
Image Credits: News24

Team: McLaren-Mercedes
In his sophomore season, Hamilton showcased his sheer prowess by clinching his first world title. The climax in Brazil, where he managed to overtake Timo Glock — who was struggling on worn-out dry tires on a damp track — in the dying moments, is remembered as one of the most thrilling conclusions to a championship. He won by a mere point, outclassing Ferrari's Felipe Massa.

2014 & 2015: The Mercedes Dominance Begins

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes dominance 'not healthy for F1' - Eurosport
Image Credits: Eurosport

Team: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
Hamilton's move to Mercedes bore fruit as he took consecutive titles in 2014 and 2015, during the onset of the hybrid power unit era. The Mercedes team showed its sheer dominance, and Hamilton, outpacing his teammate Nico Rosberg, became the face of this winning era.



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2017: A Triumphant Return

Lewis Hamilton 2017 F1 world championship won in a 'horrible way'
Image Credits: Autosport

Team: Mercedes-AMG Petronas
After a narrow miss in 2016, Hamilton was back in form, claiming his fourth championship title. Facing his primary challenger, Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel, and his own teammate Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton's 9 race wins underlined his championship caliber.

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