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A Look Back at Classic Tracks no longer in the Calendar

F1  •  7 Sept, 2023  •  46,017 Views  •  ⭐ 3.5

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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The world of Formula One has seen its fair share of evolution over the decades. As new tracks emerge, offering fresh promises of thrilling races, not all manage to captivate the essence of the sport. Yet, there's an allure to the older, riskier tracks that once dotted the F1 calendar. Though some were removed due to safety concerns, they continue to remain etched in the memories of motorsport enthusiasts.


The Forested Hockenheimring

OTD 20 years ago, we last raced on the old "forest" Hockenheim layout :  r/formula1
Image Credits: Reddit

A blend of the wild woods and speed, the original Hockenheimring resembled Germany's high-speed autobahns. Making its debut in 1970, it boasted simplicity with three straights and a couple of chicanes, with a third chicane introduced in 1982. Up until its last race in 2001, the track allowed racers to rush through the forests before the climactic stadium entry. While it returned post-modernization in 2002, it never was an annual fixture.

Adelaide's Distinctive Street Circuit

Adelaide Street Circuit - Alchetron, the free social encyclopedia
Image Credits: Alchetron.com

Unlike typical street circuits, Adelaide Street Circuit was unique, crafted within Adelaide's bustling business heart. While it was home to the 1991's briefest F1 race due to relentless rain, it also had moments of brilliance until its last race in 1995.



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The Alpine Challenge: Österreichring

The re-opening of the western section of the old Osterreichring is under  review, and could be in place for next year's Formula 1 grand prix at the  Red Bull Ring : r/formula1
Image Credits: Reddit

Though the current Red Bull Ring draws its lineage from the Österreichring, the latter was a different beast. Erected in 1969 and renowned for its eight corners, it offered a thrilling yet perilous ride amidst the Alpine terrains. It remained absent from F1 post-1987, only to be reintroduced in 1997 post safety renovations.

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