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7 Cricketers Who Excelled Across All Formats

Cricket  •  17 Aug, 2023  •  2,284 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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Cricket, a sport with a rich history and diverse formats, has witnessed many legends. While excelling in one format is commendable, there are a select few who have showcased their prowess across Tests, ODIs, and T20s. These cricketers have adapted, evolved, and thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Let’s dive deep into the careers of seven such stalwarts who have stood out in every version of the game.


Sir Don Bradman

Image Credits: Latestly

Although T20s weren’t around during his era, ‘The Don’s’ staggering Test average of 99.94 remains unparalleled. Known for his flawless technique, Don Bradman dominated both Test matches and First-Class cricket. A tactician and master of the crease, his shots reverberated in cricketing corridors. Many believe he had the adaptability that would've made him shine in contemporary formats.

Sachin Tendulkar

Image Credits: TOI

Labelled the 'God of Cricket', he holds the record for the most international centuries. With 100 tons across Tests and ODIs, Sachin Tendulkar’s batting harmonized aggression and sublime technique. Beyond his stats, his capacity to inspire millions stands out. He also showcased his adaptability in T20 internationals and domestic leagues, leaving fans in awe.



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Virat Kohli

Image Credits: TOI

From timeless Test innings to fiery T20 knocks, Virat Kohli’s adaptability remains unmatched. Holding numerous records, including one of the fastest ODI centuries, his hunger for runs never diminishes. An agile fielder and a passionate leader, Kohli’s cricketing intellect translate seamlessly across formats, underlining his genius.

Jacques Kallis

Image Credits: The Sports Legends 

Heralded as cricket’s finest all-rounder, Jacques Kallis surpassed 10,000 runs in both ODIs and Tests, complemented by 250+ wickets in both. His serene yet powerful batting, coupled with his bowling precision, made him indispensable. His skills weren’t just confined to traditional formats; Kallis demonstrated his worth in T20s with various franchises.

AB de Villiers

Image Credits: Sky Sports

Known as ‘Mr. 360’ for his ability to dispatch balls in any direction, AB de Villiers has both the record for the fastest ODI 100 and the patience to play a 220-ball 43 in a Test. His athletic fielding and astute cricketing brain make him an all-around asset. In T20 leagues, his batting pyrotechnics have often been the talk of the town.



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Ricky Ponting

Image Credits: ICC Cricket

Amassing over 13,000 runs in both Tests and ODIs, Ricky Ponting’s dual role as a leader and batter set him on a pedestal. His razor-sharp cricketing acumen and electric fielding often turned matches on their head. While his T20 international outings were limited, his flair was evident in T20 leagues where he donned various roles.

Kumar Sangakkara

Image Credits: Chase Your Sport

The epitome of elegance, Kumar Sangakkara's effortless stroke play yielded runs across formats. He's not just a cricketer but an ambassador of the sport. A monumental figure in Tests and ODIs, he played a crucial role during Sri Lanka's T20 World Cup victory in 2014, and his stellar performances in global leagues further stamped his legacy.


Cricket is a game of skill, adaptability, and mental strength. While numerous players shine in a particular format, only a select few rise to the challenge across all. The seven cricketers highlighted here have not only shown their mastery in Tests, ODIs, and T20s but have also paved the way for the next generation, teaching them that adaptability is the key to greatness in the diverse world of cricket.


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