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Dunki Day 1 Box Office: SRK's Modest Start

Bollywood  •  21 Dec, 2023  •  1,04,316 Views  •  ⭐ 2.8

Written by Shivani Chourasia

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Shah Rukh Khan's Latest Release Sees a Modest Opening Day Revenue. Shah Rukh Khan, a dominant force at this year's box office with his hits Pathaan and Jawan, seems to be facing a lukewarm start with his latest film, Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani.


Opening Day Revenue Predictions for Dunki

Dunki Release: Shah Rukh Khan Film Makes Blockbuster Reviews!
Image Credits: Gold Andhra News

Despite the star power of Shah Rukh Khan, Dunki's day one at the box office is projected to be the actor's most modest opening of the year. Early estimates suggest that the film might garner approximately Rs 30 crore on its first day. Morning shows witnessed a 26.45% seat occupancy, while the afternoon screenings saw a slightly lower turnout at 21.77%. The film's overall Hindi occupancy on day one hovered around 24.11%. Notably, Dunki's release on a regular weekday could be a factor in its initial box office numbers. Expectations are that the film might experience an upswing during the upcoming Christmas weekend.

Dunki's Release and Reception

Dunki': Shah Rukh delivers a cinematic masterpiece ahead of Christmas -  Indiaweekly
Image Credits: Indiaweekly

Shah Rukh Khan's third movie of the year, Dunki, made its debut in theatres on a Thursday, amidst high expectations. The premiere show was held at 5:55 am in Mumbai's renowned Gaiety Galaxy theatre, generating a buzz online, with scenes from the venue resembling a grand celebration. Nevertheless, the film didn't attract as many viewers as anticipated throughout the day.



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Another potential obstacle for Dunki could be the release of Prashanth Neel's Salaar, scheduled to hit theatres on Friday. Prior to its release, Salaar is already giving tough competition to Dunki at the box office. Salaar has managed to secure impressive pre-release business, recording Rs 35.23 crore from the sale of 16,83,871 tickets, even before its opening day.

Review of Dunki: A Tale Spanning Continents

Dunki Movie Review: A Perfect Blend Of Rajkumar Hirani's Directorial  Prowess And Shah Rukh Khan's Star
Image Credits: English Jagran
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