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Dream Girl 2 Movie Review: A Sequel Missing Its Original Spark

Bollywood  •  25 Aug, 2023  •  5,251 Views  •  ⭐ 5.0

Written by Anand Swami

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"Dream Girl 2," released on August 25, 2023, is the anticipated successor to the 2019 blockbuster "Dream Girl." The latter showcased Ayushmann Khurrana's unique ability to mimic a female voice for monetary gains. In this sequel, much of the cast returns with Ananya Panday stepping in as the female lead. Directed and co-written by Raaj Shaandilyaa alongside Naresh Kathooria, this film attempts to stretch gender norms. However, it largely feels repetitive and lacks the original's novelty.


Ayushmann Khurrana Bravely Embraces Drag

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Set in Mathura, the story follows Karam, played by Khurrana, as he dives into a female persona both over the phone and in person. Khurrana's commitment to the role reflects his reputation for versatility and bravery in his choice of roles. He not only delivers a convincing performance but also breaks the traditional norms of mainstream cinema. As he woos Pari (Ananya Panday) and faces financial challenges, his alias, Pooja, gains popularity. Yet, complications arise when Karam's clients demand to meet Pooja face-to-face, leading to comedic chaos.

Stellar Supporting Cast Delivers Laughs

Image Credits: Film Companion

With a robust supporting ensemble, the film promises hearty laughs. Annu Kapoor shines as Karam's bewildered father, while Paresh Rawal portrays a liberal Muslim cleric. Vijay Raaz and others bring depth to their characters, ensuring that their comedic moments resonate with audiences. Seema Pahwa, with her impeccable comedic timing, becomes a scene-stealer in her own right. Key comedic performances by the ensemble cast add flavour and layers to the narrative.



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Script Falls Short, Relies on Tired Gags

Image Credits: Koimoi

The film's primary downfall is its recycled humour and reliance on outdated stereotypes. Though it nods to progressive values, its portrayal often lacks sensitivity and depth. The story's potential for exploring deeper themes gets overshadowed by the repetition, making the narrative seem superficial. Rehashing jokes from the original detracts from the film's unique identity, making certain sections feel predictable.

Engaging Soundtrack Sets the Tone

Image Credits: Movie Talkies

Meet Bros and Tanishk Bagchi have crafted a catchy soundtrack, with background scores by Hitesh Sonik. Songs such as "Dil Ka Telephone 2.0" and "Jamnapaar" stand out and are likely to stay on listeners' playlists for a considerable time. The diversity of genres and captivating beats ensures that the music complements the film's narrative. Renowned artists like Jubin Nautiyal and Neha Kakkar lend their voices, elevating the overall music experience.

Direction: A Step Back from the Original

Image Credits: Box Office Worldwide

Director Raaj Shaandilyaa struggles to reignite the charm that made the original a hit. Often resorting to tried-and-tested methods, he doesn't introduce new dynamics to the sequel. His approach to the film's nuanced subjects comes off as somewhat one-dimensional, potentially alienating certain sections of the audience. While technical elements of the film might satisfy some, they fall short of industry-leading standards, making the sequel feel less polished than its predecessor.



Dream Girl 2 aimed to scale new heights and further challenge gender conventions. While the film carries forward the essence of the original with its comedic undertones and Khurrana's notable performance, it sadly doesn't reach the bar set by its predecessor. The sequel, although sprinkled with standout moments, suffers from repetitive humour and a lack of depth in its exploration of intricate themes. The supporting cast and music offer redeeming qualities, but the film as a whole feels like a missed opportunity.

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