5 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!
3 May, 2022

The world is a funny, weird, quirky, interesting place. All around us, there are extremely interesting things that often miss our eyes. But a little digging around and you find your unearthing fantastic facts and secrets which are simply mindblowing!

Here in this article, we have put together a list of 5 such facts! Enjoy!

  • The second largest air force in the world is the US Navy! And the first, of course, is the US Air Force itself.
  • Sharks are older than trees! Sharks have existed for more than 450 million years, whereas trees first started growing on earth around 350 million years ago.
  • It's just impossible to hum if you hold your nose! Go ahead, try it.
  • New York was called New Amsterdam earlier! In 1664 the English took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York City after the Duke of York.
  • Hippos run faster than the fastest human! Hippos run at about 48 kms/h whereas the fastest speed that Usain Bolt ever ran at was under 45 kms/h.